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Be in Harmony with the Universe

Listing of Sayings

Be — Do — Have   

Being is Conception (Existence)
Doing is Creation (Time)
Having is Experience (Space)

Be Grateful For Who Your Are!

Buy yourself a nice little writing journal,
and a nice writing instrument and place it beside your bed.
In the evening before going to sleep, write in your journal
what you are grateful for from your day (or anytime).
Write at least three thing, and you will
begin to see how wonderful your life really is!

Change Begins with Awareness
and Awareness Begins with You!

Everything Just IS!

You are the one who chooses how to react to any given situation.
You decide if something is good or bad, right or wrong.

What Goes Around...
Comes Around!


In order to Have a Friend,
We first need to Be a Friend!

Have No Regrets

They may be an invalidation of who you are.

It is your understanding of Being
that will change your reality.

Insturctions for Life

from the Dalai Lama

Life is an opportunity.

Choose Well!

Life is a conversation.

Listen closely...

Listen for the answers to your prayers (requests).
Listen with all your senses,
Listen with all your Heart!


Negativity Sucks!

Literally, negative energy sucks your life right from you.
Notice how when you are in a positive/good mood, how you have lots of energy
and you can conquer the world. When you are negative/depressed,
you have no energy and no one wants to be around you.
Do you blame them?

Remember To Breathe!

See God (Good) In Each Other

See things clearly
and they will come to you.

Six Billion people in the world
and you are worried that a few people don't like you?!*

Go Figure

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Look Beyond the Obvious.

Stop, Change, Start

Stop, Look and Listen

Take a deep breath, hold it and release slooowy.
Relax and choose to look at things for what they really are!

Technology is advancing faster than the human imagination can figure
out how to use the power to make a real difference in our lives.

The best way to put a Smile on your face
is to First put a smile on someone else's face.

The Game of Life!

The Universal Power is behind all that exists. It is in every thing and every one in the Game. The Power Is Everything and there is nothing you can do that can change the Power and how it works. It is the Game. 

The road to Truth,
Freedom, Peace and Bliss
Lies only in "Being".

The true nature of who you are
And the abundance of the world
Lies before you.

What You Think, Say and Do Creates Your World!

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