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Greetings! and Welcome to "Being".

What is "Being", really? I have an idea that it is that part of us that takes no doing or having to exist. That little smile that crosses your face (your being) when we see a small puppy licking the ice cream off the face of an innocent little child. It is how your breath is taken for a moment when we see a beautiful rainbow. It is the way you felt the first time you fell in love. And I can cite many more examples and will as you explore the pages presented here.

One of the goals here is to bring people back to remembering "Who We Are". Remembering that we are first beings and that we are all alike and here for the same reason, to be sharing the world and sharing in the world. Yes I know that we are not all ALIKE, we have differences and that is good. If we were all alike, what would be the purpose of us being here in the first place. Life is a game. A game that we all agreed to play. When did we agree to play this game? I am not sure, and no one is, and that is not what is important. What is important is that we all agreed to play together, with each other as partners and not as enemies in a fight or race to get somewhere first. Besides, where is it that we are trying to get to anyway. And if there is a place to get to, what will the first person that gets there have that the rest of us won't get. What is it about being first that matters. Or about not being last that matters. In reality, the person that is last may have seen and done more than the person that was first and may have enjoyed the journey much more than the rest of us. Is it the journey or the end result that is more important?

You decide. You make each day what it is. You choose at every moment "Who You Are". Choose Love! Choose to care. Choose to give of yourself. Choose whatever it is that "Turns You On", that excites you, that keeps you going. Choose to put your energy behind what it is that you feel, not what you think, what you feel will make you and your world a better place for all of mankind. If it is not making things better, at some level, it is working to make things worse.

If you have ideas, writings, poetry, words of wisdom or anything to add to what is here, please contact me. Let me know how you want to contribute to this effort. How you want to make a difference in the world.

Again, Welcome to "Being".
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